Losses into Lessons

5,500.00 5,000.00

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Losses into Lessons

5,500.00 5,000.00

Analyse your games of the recent 6 tournaments from me and get improvement insights report and 30 mins 1-1 report briefing session


Losses into Lessons


You can send me your recent games from the past 6 tournaments and I will analyze them in detail and offer you my insights on them. This will also include a half hour online briefing session. I will give you a detailed report about your playing style, strengths and weaknesses. I will also tell you ideas on how you can work at home through books and databases without a coach.

Just as a doctor gets an idea about the problems faced by the patient by analyzing his body, an experienced coach gets an idea about a player by analyzing his games. With my years of experience in coaching field and going through the games of so many students I can feel the strengths and weaknesses of a player when I go through his/her games.


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