1-1 single online session with me

3,000.00 2,500.00

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1-1 single online session with me

3,000.00 2,500.00

Learn 1-1 with me and unleash your potential for growth. Kickstarter class for Swapnil’s Growth hack programme


1-1 single online session with me


In this one to one online session you can share with me the problems that you are currently facing and get guidance from me on how to tackle and improve it. You can book a single one to one session with me and we can work on any specific topic or tackle any specific issue that has become a problem for you in your journey to chess improvement.

 I will share my views and tips with you which comes directly from the experience that I have gained working with some of the talented youngsters of India. We will also do some training on the topic which will give you a clear picture of how you could work in the same way at home alone. I will also suggest good chess books for you that you can work with at home. With this I will also give you some practical tips which will cover the psychological aspects of chess that has the potential to boost your results. The duration of this session will be around 1 hour or slightly more.


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